#375 Work For the Night is Coming

Words by Mrs. Anna L. Coghill, 1854 (1836-1907)

Music by Lowell Mason, 1864 (1792-1872)


Work for the night is coming,

Work through the morning hours;

Work while the dew is sparkling;

Work 'mid springing flow'rs.

Work when the day grows brighter,

Work in the glowing sun;

Work for the night is coming,

When man's work is done.


Work for the night is coming,

Work thro' the sunny noon;

Fill brightest hours with labor,

Rest comes sure and soon.

Give every flying minute

Something to keep in store;

Work for the night is coming,

When man works no more.


Work for the night is coming,

Under the sunset skies;

While their bright tints are glowing,

Work for daylight flies.

Work till the last beam fadeth,

Fadeth to shine no more;

Work while the night is dark'ning,

When man's work is o'er.



In 1857, Anna’s family moved to Canada. They lived first at Pointe-Lévy and then moved in 1858 to Sarnia, where her father continued to worked for the Grand Trunk Railway. Around that time, Anna and two sisters, Isabella and Frances, ran a girls’ school. Anna returned to England in 1863 and worked as a governess and book reviewer. In 1883, she married Harry Coghill and moved to Coghurst Hall, near Hastings, England.